Indiana Limestone- Special Order

Ohio Stone’s Indiana Limestone is a variegated limestone in a full range of color including light to dark ranges of buff or gray and mixture of both colors in one piece. All Ohio Stone’s Indiana Limestone Products are crafted from natural limestone, so each piece has a unique appearance. You’ll find variations and imperfections in color and texture in each piece of our natural limestone. These imperfections are a guarantee that you are looking at genuine Indiana Limestone.

To Order Call Mark @ 937-403-6631  or Jeff @ 937-403-7394

Pier Caps
2” x 24” x 24” Pier Caps
Wall Caps
2”x 4ft x 18” Wall Caps – Coping
2''x 4ft x 12'' Rock Faced Treads
2”x 4ft x 12” Rock Faced Treads
2'' x 6ft x 24'' Hearth
2” x 6ft x 24” HEarth
2'' x 4ft x 12'' Treads
2” x 4ft x 12” Treads
Special Order Sills
2” x 4ft x 4” Specialty Sills –