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Natural Stone Product Lines

We operate 3 quarries

Rustic Buff
Rustic Buff

Rustic Buff is an Ohio limestone that varies in color from a golden yellow to a light orange and specializes in a thicker stone. Rustic Buff is available in select wall stone, natural steps, outcroppings, slabs, chunks, benches, flagging, and accent chunks. Rustic Buff Beige Outcroppings is now available in several sizes and is a lighter cream color with streaks of brown throughout. We have also recently begun offering Rustic Buff in a cut wall and edging product.

Southern Buff
Southern Buff

Southern Buff is from one of our Ohio quarries and is a limestone varying in coloration from light brown to a full spectrum of earth tones and is ideal for all landscaping applications. Southern buff offers irregular wall stone, select wall stone, steppers, flagging, outcroppings, slabs, and chunks. We are now also offering a Southern Buff cut wall and edging products.

Canyon Gray/Tan
Canyon Gray/Tan

Canyon Gray is from our Indiana quarry and is a very light gray to olive green stone that specializes in 6” slab materials. Canyon Gray offers select wall stone, natural steps, flagging, outcroppings, slabs, chunks, as well as an array of cut and split products.

Canyon Tan which is a light tan stone is our last stone family and it is an Indiana limestone that specializes in outcropping and chunk materials. Canyon Tan offers outcroppings, slabs, accent boulders, and chunks for stream restoration and erosion control. Canyon Tan and Canyon Gray can be combined with each other for full truck load orders.

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